The short version:

With over 30 years experience playing music live,     I´ve performed music throughout Europe in clubs large and small, from huge Festivals to the cafe on the corner, I´ve played clubs and festivals in Scotland, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Lichtenstein, and Finland. I´ve performed live on radio ( BBC Scotland, NDR deutschland, AFN Germany ) and TV shows across Europe and on The Nashville Network in America. 

I´ve had the incredible good fortune to have entertained and performed live for hundreds of thousands of people in my life.

The longer version:

I was born in Scotland in 1961 into a family of musicians,          and I´m continuing my family tradition. As a child I won several National Burns Poetry and Song awards for excellence performing Robert Burns`s works, this is something I have carried into adulthood.( see my Scottish Concert )

 At 17, I made my first professional solo stage debut performing a version of Mike Oldfields "Tubular Bells" arranged for two guitars, together with my old friend and guitar ´teacher ´ Ian Slater. 

 At 18 I spent two years in the band The Precious Few,            together with Ian Slater backing a certain Miss Margaret Zavaroni     - ( yes, Lena´s cousin ; I grew up next to Lena in Rothesay, where all the talented Zavaronis live ! ) , this was my firts band where I learned the ropes. Gigging almost every other night for 4-5 hours playing the hits and backing singers. Now that´s what I call an apprenticeship 

Then after working my way through Scotland and England, I left London to tour Europe, where I took up residence in central Germany. While still working the 'acoustic scene', I co-formed, sang and played Guitar and Bass in the Country Rock band Southwest Deluxe

We toured constantly and also backed such artists as Nancy Griffith, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Steve Wariner, Hoyt Axton, Kris Kristofferson, and German giants Truckstop. Then, when I and the band could go no further together, I left to continue as a solo artist.

I have appeared on various Radio and TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic including BBC Radio, Radio Clyde (scotland ), Radio Scotland , NDR Germany, Radio Arc en Ciel ( France) , AFN Europe and  The Nashville Network TV station in America.
Over the years I´ve played gigs with and opened for such diverse bands and artists as: 

Genesis, Spocks Beard, Kevin Gilberts and Cirque Du Soleil drummer Nick DiVirgillo.

B.B. King. 

The Jeff Healey Band.  

Scatman John   " I´m a Scatman “ 

The Dubliners. 

The Furies. 

Johnny Logan ( Irelands two-time Eurovision winner)

Bianca Shomberg (German Eurovision artist)

Birelli Lagrene. 

Mark Gillespie,

( many gigs as a duo and I´ve sang on 3 of his albums ).

 I´ve performed at the acclaimed 'Scandinavian Guitar Festival' as the only acoustic artist next to classical virtuoso (and fellow Scot ) David Russell. I´ve performed at Osnabruker Guitar Festival while also demonstrating Guitar and Guitar synthesizers for the Godin guitar company and worked and performed several times at Frankfurts Musik Messe for both Boston´s Tom Scholtz Rockman and Landola guitars.                                           

I was the guitarist and vocalist in the band Celtic Fusion -  a fine mix of contempary and modern folk.

I´ve featured on several cd's as lead/guest vocalist, guitarist or both.

I`ve organised benefit concerts for Tibetan refugees and human rights issues, working together with Tibetan artists Lobsag Sherab and Palden Tawo best known for his soundtrack to the movie `Living Buddha` . I´ve performed and organized benefit concerts for the Homeless ; Irish bomb blast victims in Omagh Ireland ; Earthquake victims in Latin America ; Raising money for therapy for a child in a coma ; orphanages in the Himalayas and Tibet, and perfomed and raised money for childrens hospices.

I have constantly toured through most of Europe as a solo artist, in clubs and festivals, large and small, and has entertained hundreds of thousands of people over the years.

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